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Mar 7, 2016
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I have a friend who's my Guinea pig and I'm practicing acrylics in her but I can't get her to keep hers on for more than a week! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if it's because she has very short nails (see picture, sometimes she has even shorter).
I've practice with tips, with forms by building the nail
bed first, but they don't stay on. I've managed to get them stay 2 weeks on another girl but I've never managed 3 weeks though!
Have any of got tips or an idea of what I could be going wrong?

Also while I'm at it, how long should it take to do infills, it takes me ages to file colour off and sort any lifting off! What do you do when there's lifting?

Have you got a pic of her nails after you have applied the acrylic. I think it will be a issue of application method needing more practice so best if we can see your application. In the beginning mine didn't stay on clients as long and it was cos of application. Are you in training or just finished? How long was your course and what products are you using?
How long since you qualified or are you still training? [emoji4]
I trained on January, I'm working from home and trying to build a business so at the moment I haven't got many customers, I offered very cheap acrylic and gel extensions for Guinea pigs, unfortunately I found that I got loads of interest but when it came down to booking a date they all faffing me around. So not practising as my much as I want.
I know I'm getting better and my work is more even everytine I do it but I'd like them to last!

She lost the index finger left hand
What products do you use and can you list every step you go through? X
I use nsi attraction. I push cuticles back, shape natural nail, lightly buff nail to remove shine, remove dust, clean nail with nail pure plus. 1 coat of nail dehydrator, 1 coat of primer. Apply my acrylic zone 1,2,3 and 4 apex .
Are you scraping the nail plate to remove dead skin, buffing isn't enough. It took me a while to get this. Might be worth doing a set of pink and whites with a clear or light pink acrylic so you can monitor lifting easier, that might be why it popped odf
What nail dehydrator are you using?
I use Nsi and its apply tips first, shape and blend , Cleanse first then pure plus after.
I think Mrs B has hit the nail on the head with removing all cuticle from the nail plate.
My prep takes much longer than the rest of my application X
What nail dehydrator are you using?
I use Nsi and its apply tips first, shape and blend , Cleanse first then pure plus after.
I think Mrs B has hit the nail on the head with removing all cuticle from the nail plate.
My prep takes much longer than the rest of my application X
Cheers cindarella just wished my nails looked as good as yours! I know what I'm meant to be doing and slowly improving! Shame I can't do nails full time I'm obsessed!
Thanks ladies, I think I might be a bit scared of damaging the nail! Should I scrape the nail a bit more with my cuticle tool then gently file the whole nail?
I use this, after I trained I was told to go for asp starting kit as it was slower drying time so better fit trainees but I didn't like it, couldn't get smooth job, do got Nsi but kept my dehydrator and primer from asp. I guess I should really by Nsi primer too!
How long should it take me do do a set and also infills?
It's best to use all of the same brand. Cleanse and Nsi attract primer aren't too expensive so if you can get them I'd recommend it. Don't get superbond as its an acid primer.
You do need to ensure you remove all cuticle from the nail plate. It takes a little while but don't stress about timings. Are your enhancements lifting from there first? You can usually tell as they catch in hair.
Watch this. It's a fab video. Different products but Nsi have a great cuticle remover which I use when needed.
I'm not sure where it lifts. She is a trainee hairdresser so often in water so that might not help either. Although my other lady works in a pub and washes her hand all the time and she manages 2 weeks,
Thx for the video !
Can anybody have a look at those and let me know what they think?
First one is after I filled and got rid off all the lifting, as you can see it's quite a lot, it's 2 1/2 weeks. The other 2 are with the infill
The best shot to take is of the side of the nail, to see the curve.. I often find if I haven't properly built the curve of the nail applying slightly more to the stress area I get lifting very easily and the nail is more prone to breakage x
Thanks for your input, I'm working on getting the stress area right!
Ivan see you haven't scraped away all of the dead skin at the cuticle. Its probably why you are having lifting xx
Really, there's more to take out? the first picture is after cuticle work the other 2 were taken after the acrylic and filing? I hadn't removed all the dust properly when I took the picture. But i'll try to do more work on it too!
Yeah. I can see you have pushed back the cuticle but where you have pushed it back, just over the lanula on the nail plate is dead skin. Its quite hard to see but I can see on the pics where you have filed the lifting away, there is some there xx
Ok, i went over that area but not enough then. I'll get there one day!

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