Help with brown shadows under natural tip application


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Rachy J

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Nov 27, 2007
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I am having a problem when I apply natural tips. Once I have blended they look perfect but then after applying the primer/bonder I can see a murky brown shadow under the tip as if it is part of the natural nail showing through. Also after a frew weeks growth pon infills you can see through to tip and to the natural nail:cry: and it is making them look grubby. Does anyone else have this problem or offer advice.
Hiya x welcome to the site.

After a few weeks growth its normal to start to see the natural nail.

Are you removing all the natural free edge prior to tipping....?
Hi and welcome!

Are you sure you're not applying your bonder and primer onto the tip....this could make it discolour.

You will see a difference in colour from tip and natural nail after a few weeks growth as a tip isn't the same colour as the natural nail.....I won't go into the realms of custom blending natural nail colours cos I don't think (from your profile) you're ready for that yet!

HTH and keep on nailing.....fill out your profile a bit more too and let us know what training you've had! x
Hi, I do tend to file them quite short but maybe not short enough, I will try filinf them as short as I can next time and see if this helps, Thankyou for the advice:lol:
Are you 100% sure you are removing anything thats lifted?
There can be a colour change there if you've not done this.
hth x

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