help with getting started!!!!


Hi geeks, this is probably going to sound a bit dumb but i have just recently passed my Vtct in nail technology, (mani, pedi and l&p), im just stuck now about what to do? Don't really think for the moment that a job in a salon is an option, not having any experiance and only being qualified in one method.

What im really asking is where do i start, where do i advertise, do i pay to put an add in my local paper, or try to keep things on the cheap?

A few years ago i rented space in a hair salon and got into all sorts of money trouble so this isn't a route im willing to do again at the mo.

Sorry for rambling or not making sense, any help, suggestions, advice welcomed!



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Hiya...I would start making people know about could start with a yellow pages free one liner which automatically puts you on

See if there are any local mags you can advertise in...they are usually quite reasonable.

Get nails on family and friends (charge them something freebies...) Start as a business and you will feel like a business.

To gain confidence you have to start doing them nails babes.


thanks bagpuss, i have done the yell free one liner, lets see if anyting comes from that.