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May 2, 2004
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i have just done a few broken nails on a client who was down here ( newquay )
on holiday and she asked for nail art on clear nails, so after i'd repaired her broken ones using the same tips as the rest i proceeded to apply some clear polish to start the choosen art work. There she stopped me and said did we not have a pink gel polish that you apply to the nail then put under a fan to dry for 30 seconds and it turns the tip to a nice pinky clear look turning the tip almost clear so you can see through it! i haven't heard of this before and she couldnt tell me what it was called she also said that they put it on after the finished polish as a top coat do the same with fan and in 30 seconds the nails are dry!!!! she goes to LA NAILS in Nottingham if anyone can shed any light on this mystry product i'd be very interested!
Have you tried ringing LA Nails in nottingham and asking them???
was she talking about gel, and ment it was cured under a uv lamb not a fan?:confused:
NO! i haven't but if you guys don't know what it was, then i will.

she was quite sure it was only a fan, as i questioned this with her at the time!

wonder what it cud b

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