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Apr 25, 2007
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Training & recruitment - Wiltshire
Hi i am a nail technician living in Wiltshire and am trying to find some where to work or rent locally. It seems to be impossible though i have physically looked, sent letters & forever searching on recruitment websites & googleing for vacancies, does any one have any tips? Or have a job vacancy or somewhere to rent in Wiltshire?
I am trained with Creative, L&P, Brisa, (Foundation), Jessica Manicure, Spa pedicure, Hair Extension Specialist & have used many other products/treatments St tropez/Fake Bake/OPI/Parrafin Wax/Nailtiques. And have had just under a years experience in 3 different local salons, first qualified over 2 1/5 yrs ago.

I would also like to train in more beauty treatments so i could be eventually employed as a Beauty Therapist could anyone recommend short courses approved by City & Guilds or an well known accredited association?
:confused: any ideas or comments would be much appreciated ta xx
Try your local suppliers, some of them advertise jobs or you could put up your own advert looking for work
We had an addie in our local paper from Fitness First saying that they want nail tech's and or beauty techs in different places around the country.
Call your local one and see if they are renting space.
Short courses, I have seen that NSI do make up ones and the geeks that have done them thing they are the dogs bits, and some of our very own geeks are educators in all sorts of beauty treatments.
Me myself, I have decided on a web site, if I can ever get hubby to stop playing morrow wind and start playing with images for me:irked::lol: and a home salon.
Saves on all sorts of overheads if you have the room for it.
Good luck hun:hug:

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