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Aug 30, 2003
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Please can anyone offer me some advise. I open my salon in september this year it is a room with in a hair dressing salon location is good, the salons clients are mostly shampoo & Sets. Initailly i did a 10,000 leaflet drop very proffessional on glossy paper with 10% opening discount.
after a lot of expense, only gained 10 customers, i also advertised in the local paper, of the 10 clients I only have 3 regulars, Im now desperate the rent is due at the end of the week ( which I cant afford to pay) :( I have another ad with promotion going in the paper this friday. Please has anyone got any suggestions to boost client base I have found people dont seem to want to keep nails on so repeat business is not there.
Well location, location location is very important, that and your own level of drive and expertise. Clients wont come just because there is someone who does nails available or just because a discount is offered. You need to build a reputation and to ASK your present clients to recommend you to their friends. You need to push yourself. Drop your cards everywhere you go, where other ladies go.

There are hundreds of posts already on this site that offer the advice you are seeking. Use the search facility and look under 'promotions' or . I'm sure you will find lots of useful suggestions.
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