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Apr 21, 2004
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Just to say "Hi" to everyone. Iv been working from home for about a year and im still finding it hard to build up a good client list. I have about 10 regs and finding advertising isnt working. I know word of mouth is best but im at my wits end. I still go back and train every 6 months so im on the ball with all the new produces in the nail world which is changing all the time and my nails are good. How do i build my list without spending loads of money advertising?

Vicky Bournemouth
hi there i to work from home a good idea is to do a search type in advertising there is lots of good advice just scroll down the list to find what you want

good luck

Advertising really is a waste of money.
How about some incentives to get those clinets reccommending you?
The other effective way is to hustle your bustle and get your cards into all the places where women are likely to go ... the gym ... dress shops... supermarket notice board ... school ...library ... there are tones of places that have notice boards and last but no least NEVER go anywhere without your cards to hand out .... even if the person is not interested, they may know someone who is.
give your 10 regulars five business cards each with their names on them, they give them to their five friends if 3 of the cards are returned one of your regulars( 3 extra clients) then give them a treat ie mini cuticle oil.
with each new client give each of them five business cards.
like a pyramid
1 regular gets 3 they each get 3 thats 12 new clients
Stage 1:

Can you define exactly what type of advertising you have been doing and where and what did your ad say.

Have you had flyers and business cards printed? if so what wording and pricing have you put on them and what services have you offered.

Have you used newsagents etc?

Over the last three months how many clients all together have you worked on. How long do your manicures and full sets and infills take.

How long have you been a tech?

What do you wear? What retail products do you offer?

Are you mobile through personal choice or circumstances (children etc )

If you do not feel you can reveal all of the above in public in fear of comments then please feel free to send me a private message.

Stage 2 is next if I have some answers to work with.:biggrin:

All selling is about statistics and professionalism applied with tenacity and determination and whether you are working from home, mobile or salon its all about selling yourself and providing solutions that people want to pay for.

The biggest single fault hair stylists, beauty therapists, nail techs make is being over-freindly and forgetting that the objective is business building.

You are not alone though there are organisations like 365 that chagre £5000 a year to teach salon owners how to develop their business.
Here what I used to do:

I charge for forever french gels $60
For forever french rebalances $40
Both take me about 1:20- 1:30 min.

I send a person who recommended me a Gift Certificate 50% off her next visit.
So I made only $20 from that rebalance, but $60 from new set..and I gained new client (and it only cost me $20 to get that new client! cost WAY more!!!)

I have many well to do clients, and everyone likes discounts, but some people don't wanna admit that they get excited over $3...but $20??/ Yeah! That's :green: worth it!!!

Also I didn't make it look like a "discount".....rather as a "gift"
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