Henna eye liner?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Hello to all.I have had a client in the salon asking about henna eyelinner.She had seen a article in a magazine about it,she thinks it was by revlon?Has any one else heard of it.I did think its was a bit iffy to put henna near your eyes,i know the indian & asian people do?:idea:
I wouldn't think you could put henna very near your eyes, is she sure thats what it actually was?
yep,its lasts upto 48hrs.sounds dodgy to me.But she wants to try.
I use the blinc eyeliner. It lasts and doesn't rub..

Not sure if it last 48 hours... i wash at least once a day :eek: lol
I cant find anything on the Revlon USA website, but have just found this:
Henna Pens

I also saw this which says not to use pure black Henna around the eyes: Henna Faq's
thats great,thats the pens she was on about,she has just been in salon.Will give the info.Thanks to all with the helpon this one.:lol:
there's a Revlon mascara called 'lash tint' and claims to last 72 hours. It's no match for my Liz Earle cleanser though, heh...

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