Here it's a Slow time -- time to prepare for the Rush Season


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Jan 18, 2003
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Yes a bit slow Sept and Oct.
Huong will soon be asking me about helping with Christmas cards and also little gifts for the best clients.

For my biz ( internet beauty retail ) this is also a slack time. I'm reshelving the entire store room ( a room in our home that is 14' by 24' )
( yes the beauty of the internet, work from home ) and redoing internet store pages for season promotions and making sure that I'm going to have plenty of my fast stock and making plans how to get rid of my slow stock.

I gathered up some 200 bubble package premium nail files this week to be given free with selected store item.
I purchased ( for 25 cents each ) some 200 1/8 oz bottles of Seche Vite top coat each with a pocket nail file --- to be given free with selected items.

I'll be scarfing about for the sample sizes of cucumber and lotions and top coat and ect ect
for both my own retail business
and for Huongs nail tech business.
SO Question -- what are others doing this year. Many techs in the USA make yearly comments that they just can't locate the small inexpensive sample packages for the Holidays. How bout it in the UK ?
What is everyone doing or have planned or do you just do nothing on this subject ?

oh did the pic turn out. Yes I have told people that I'm a meaner guy than I used to be, so here is my ideal pic.
Huong says this pic captures the true me perfectly, ha.
Seriously I do love to joke about
But what do others do or plan to do about the Christmas Season, hey?
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