Hi everyone! New here.

Nicole xx

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Hello everyone! I am new here, I am a fully qualified hair extensionist based in Slough Berkshire, i am looking to take a nail extension course in Acrylics if anyone can reccommend anywhere. Thanks Nicole. x


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Hi Nicole and welcome to the geeky family :hug:
i would strongly recommend Creative Nail Design for your training, i am bias as i did my training with them but they are one of the very best if not the best out there,
you would need to ring the head office on 0845 2016060 to find out where your nearest training centre is hth


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hi nicole and welcome to the geeky gang.....let ya fingers do the talking hun xxx


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Hi and welcome to salon geek , I did NSI , but I would also like to to a
Creative conversion course in the future as I have heard so many good things about them :hug: x



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Hope you enjoy geeking with us Nicole.


Nicole xx

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Thanks Guys, I will check them out LoubyLou x