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Oct 3, 2003
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Hi-ya every

After sum advice please. My mum wonts me 2 overlay her nails in silk which i have no problems in doing, but she suffers with high blood pressure & is taking medication 4 it. I have overlayed her nails in gel b/4 & shes had no problems, but she would really like 2 try the silk. Also about 2 weeks ago she had quite a bad cold & its left her with quite a chesty cough & im worried about the odours from the activator on her chest.
If any1 could give me any advice i would b very grateful. :biggrin:
Well odour won't harm your mum, but the vapours may be irritating to her.

I myself would tend to wait until her chest clears until I applied a new set using activator.

Some systems only require one spray for the whole set. Other systems you need to activate for every layer. For your own health and safety you should use the former type of system.

This question is actually more about the chest than the blood pressure. Make sure your titles are relevant to the subject or when anyone does a search, they will not get what they are looking for.
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