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Jan 28, 2012
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Hey everyone, I am now really excited about my idea of finally working as a beautician. I am planning to work from home and then when I do my driving licence I'm going to go mobile as well!:)
My question is about the licence I need to get from the council to work from home. Do they come to the house to check if someones got suitable room for beauty? If they do, I would really like to know what was your experience with them, what were they looking at the most, if they were strict and how does it all look like!
I have heard that I would need a bathroom especially for the client and separate entry; well, my room is downstairs but the bathroom is upstairs, client would have to go through the kitchen and the room hasn't got a door, only door curtain! Do you think they will be ok with these? Does the licence cost anything?
Got loads of questions here, hope someone can give me some advice :biggrin: xx
Your best asking the council. I had them come out to me for electrolysis, they were helpful. I don't need a licence. The thing you your bathroom how would u feel with the client going though your house? Do you have a sink in the room?
Thanks for reply, I would be ok with clients walking through my house, but is the sink in the room a requirement? I've only got it in the kitchen which is next to the room. I am gonna go and ask them myself, but still wanted to hear what peoples experiences are x
You didn't need a license for electrolysis? I'm really surprised! Didn't they want to see evidence of your sharps disposal/collection arrangement?

I had to have a license for electrolysis AND a separate one for tattooing (SPMU).....

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