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Mar 11, 2012
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stoke on trent
Hi geeks I’m trying to start out a home based beauty salon. I need lots of help and advice, I’m doing it through the princes trust which are amazing J . But I still need help on a few other things such as getting permission from the council? Do I need permission? I phoned up the council the other day and they said I need to speak to environmental health and I have tried to do so much not getting any answers. Also I have to let the home insurance know that I am trying to set up a business and they said they don’t cover it. I have already got beauty insurance does that just cover it? I’m so confused its really getting me down at the moment as I’m on a dead line. Any advice would be helpful
Tracey xxxx
O i know how you feel! I'm going through the same thing! So confusing and you get a different from every person!

I'll be keeping an eye on this post ;)

Good luck x
Speak to your beauty insurance company - they will clarify exactly what they cover and don't. Some councils have different rules to others - mine showed exactly 0 interest in me doing waxing, tanning and massage. They did not feel my waste warranted any special waste disposal and told me to carry on... There might be different considerations depending on your treatments and where you are. Look on your councils website and call them again.
If its a council house they will probably want to inspect so contact the housing department. If you are in rented contact your landlord or you could be in breach of your tenancy agreement.
First as long as you have public liability insurance with your beauty then you do not need to add to your building insurance. however now that your building insurance know that you will be working from home you will have to make sure you are very strict about locking doors etc and keeping personal valuable items out of sight from clients, also never leave clients on their own in your home, if they ask to go to toilet then follow and wait nearby...this may sound ott but for your own good.
second..go on to council website and type in licences, go through the list and see if you need one, you prob wont, and if you are using your room as say a study or spare room also then you wont need to have checked anyway,

council only worry if there are problems with parking where you live and you are going to create lots of traffic

last but not least keep records of everything, be organised and have folders for everything that way you are covering yourself,

health and safety - you will need a first aid box(check on hse website for what it needs to contain) and fire extinguisher/blanket, you can get these online or local

if you need anymore help just ask hun and dont get down about it, all will be ok xx
When I rang my council they sent me a form to fill in. Was called something like 'is planning permission needed'
They also sent me a list of requirements were it may be needed. I can forward these onto you if you would like (pm me)

Additional health and safety bits- although not required by law, it is best practice to get your electrical items PAT tested once a year. This shows they are safe and in good working order should anything happen (fire/electric shock)
You may also want to get the MSDS ( material safety data sheets) COSHH sheets for your items you are using and keep them in a file in case of accidents/ spillages/ fire.
Fie extinguishers also either need to be replaced once a year or re-tested/ inspected to ensure they are still fit for use and have the required amount if pressure in them so they will work should you need to use it. Depending on what you do, you could set up a contract with a company

Hope this helps x
Thanks ladies your all so lovely to reply. Iv decided now to go mobile first then set up my home salon later, Im on deadline to get up and running and its just taking to long to sort everything out with the council :(
Never mind it will come lol

Thanks Again :) xxxxx
When I phoned my council showed no interest what so ever, I got them to send me their permission in writing just in case.

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