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Oct 7, 2010
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This is my first post so hello everyone! :)

I am starting a home salon, in a purpose built log cabin in my garden, and would really like a high end salon range like Decleor. But... am I correct in thinking they don't supply to home salons? If that is correct, can any of you recommend a line which is sold to home salons but that will have the same high end cache of Decleor.

I live in a wealthy area and the clients I am aiming for won't be interested in some unknown random brand.

I should add that I have done some searches on here and see similar questions have been asked, however unlike most of those questioners, I have no issue with initial financial outlay so am not looking for a range suitable for home salons within a certain price range rather a range suitable for home salons which is the absolute top end of luxury and one which my ladies will recognise as being on a par with the likes of Decleor.

Many thanks!
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Don't quote me too much on this but I'm sure that Decleor just require a minimum opening order which I think is about 4 or 4 and a half grand....I did some research years back as I love Decleor...I just couldn't afford the outlay. HTH x

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