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Jul 1, 2003
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Hi really just wanted people's opinion,

I'm going to college to learn nail extensions and nail art in September. The course is a 30 week one on for two hours per week. It's learning acrylics. I've been thinking about also doing the Essential Nail's Gel Nail course at home starting within the next couple of weeks. How do people rate these home study courses, are they any good?

Thanks love Linda.x :p
I`m confused......it doesn`t take a lot..
why do you want to do 2 courses alongside each other like that???
While I can`t comment on how good homelearn courses are I do feel there is no substitute for hands on learning with a tutor present. Why not do your course in september and if you feel you need extra then go to reputable place and do another afterwards.
Creative do plenty to keep you learning with all the backup you need
hi i started the acrylic home learn course and i just couldnt get on with it...i instead did creative training and its been fab.......ive got 3 children which may have something to do with the reasn i couldnt get on with homelearn coz i dont get 2 minutes to myself........i sold the course on ebay but kept the hand.......hands on learning is best for me!!! vicx
Hi Deb and Nailtique :D ,

I just thought maybe i could do the acrylic course at college and i heard the gels were easier and thought maybe i could do the homestudy at home so i could learn that as well, thought it might be nice to learn both but doing one at home as i have a little one! If you both think there not up too much though i might not because i don't want to waste my money.

Is it worth getting a trainer hand then? To practise on when i'm at home.

Thanks again Linda.x :D

P.S. I'm just a learner freek :shock: , i've been so bored since college finished in June. A bit in patient really waiting for course to start. :rolleyes:
hi ya.........i personally would definetely advise getting a trainer hand...that is one thing i kept from my course coz finding people to practice on is hell and especially with little ones they are very unpredictable!!! get a sample gel kit or acrylics and practice on the trainer hand........there is also videos always going on ebay, im sure there is a few on there at the mo, the ones u get with the homelearn...Vicky
Thanks for your help Vicky :D

I have done both the gel tip & overlay and the airbrush course from Essential Nails and passed both with DISTINCTION :shock:

This was the right type of course for me because...I don't drive..have a full time admin job...have a 9 year old daughter and a husband on continental shifts.....oh almost forgot...I live in the middle of nowhere!!lol
I have since done a days training with Bio Scuplture and I plan to do acrylics...after reading all the messages on this board I will do my 4 day foundation with Creative next year (when I have saved the money and got plenty of holidays to spare).

I have to agree that 'Gloria'...(thats what I named my nail trainer hand)has been invaluable and I will not get rid of it because you can use it over and over and she does not complain, distract you, stop for loo :oops: breaks etc.... I am pleased I used a homelearn course but, if I knew then what I know now I would definately have done the Creative Foundation course first.

Hope that helps you with your dilemma. :D
Thanks Sharon for the advice it was really helpful, like you i can't drive and i have a little one so i do think it might be helpful for me.
Thanks Sharon for the advice it was really helpful, like you i can't drive and i have a little one so i do think it might be helpful for me.

Many thanks Linda.x
Do what you think is right for you to get started while you have your wonderful enthusiasm.

Learning never stops and you will move up to another level when the time is right. It is great to always be going forward.

IN fact it is my experience that as you move onwards and upwards you appreciate finer products even more because you can really see and feel the difference compared to the experiences you will no doubt have at the outset ... as we all did.
Hi Linda,

I did my initial training 3 years ago with Creative and highly recommend having this type of training where you have an experienced tutor who can see how you progress and stop you from making mistakes and getting into bad habits. I have also got near enough all (apart from acrylic) the Essential Nails Home Learn Courses, but only because I love the practice and am a bit of a certificate collector - I like the Home Learn Courses but nothing beats learning in the classroom, being able to ask questions and get them answered there and then.

As for the Nail Trainer (mine is affectionately known as 'Thing'), I wouldn't be without it. I sold my first one after I completed my Creative course, but then bought another because I could practice when it suited me without having to rely on friends to be my guinea pigs. I'd say get a nail trainer - it's well worth the money.

Well there have been some fine results with the Essential Nail Program.
It doesn't beat the personal training, but it's good.............

Most Techs I know who have done the course have then gone on to do more courses and more courses and more courses......because they want to be the best...........

Gina Wallace has worked hard on the program course and if you are that keen, who are we to say don't do it.......
It's a course designed for people who just can't get to a college or have other family commitments.............

I agree with Geeg
I think you get out of any sort of training what you are willing to put in.......Learning never stops and never assume you know it all, cause the industry changes all the time...............

At the end of the day you only get out of a course what you and the course provider are willing to put in, and you will see for yourself, that some products are the rolls royce of the industry and others are the robin reliant.................

Now Acrylic and Gel are two different horses all together,from the same stable but very different in temperament, but the basics are the same............. prepping,tipping, blending, health and safety, contra-indications and so on...............

So if you are doing Ginas first and then move on to Acrylic you will have had insight two both systems..................

And you will have had a little breathing space, not doing both at exactly the same time...................

Also on another learning note, read as much as you can and re-read it again and again and again
Dough Schoon Nail structure and product chemistry is a must read
Encyclopedia of nails by J.Jefford and A. Swain is another

So thats my views on this
happy learning Hun
may your thirst for knowledge never dry up

love Ruth xxxx
Thanks Ladies for the advice. I'm still not certain what i will do, at the mo i'm waiting for some info from creative to come through so that i can make up my mind and then it will be decision time!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to start learning again, sooooooo excited!!!!

Thanks again for the advice.
Love Linda.x
i think the home learn course's are great espcially if used in conjunction with hands on training with a tutor! you can practise when you like and the kit has everything you need in it but saying that you really must have the disaplin to use the kit and get practising (she says with her airbrush kit going dusty in the cupboard! :oops: ) i rushed out and got an airbrush kit and so far ive used it twice ekk i realy have trouble with getting motivated at the end of the day to drag all the kit out and practise i think if i had it permantly set up i would but i have to use the dining room table and the youngest is realy into touching anything to do with nails ! (shes 2 bless her! and doesnt sleep! child of the night we call her :D !)
i think if you are going on a course in sept i would wait and see how you get on with that and then go ahead and buy a kit if you feel the need
nickki jonesx ;)
i completed the home learn course and havent looked back, but there are a couple of things to think about when you learn from home...
you have to be motivated to get on with the course, otherwise you wont finish it and the money you have spent will be for nothing! i have seen lots of people try it then sell it on ebay!
also you have to educate yourself in other areas that the course doesnt cover, like people skills LOL
then there is maintenance.... another course in its self!
then there is further education to be considered....
but it is an easy option if you are limited by other things
Thanks again for all the responses, you've all been really helpful!

Love Linda.x
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