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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
Hi i have a small home salon that is part of my intergrated garage. the door to the house goes from salon ninto kitchen. I have just qualified in creative L & P and only used it a few times on mummy dearest and myself - however both my husband and girls have complained about the smell - i personally like it but then i like paint and petrol too!! now even with the door to kitchen closed and the window open - bit chilly but needs must - it still manages to waft up stairs. what do all you home (and salon) techs do for ventalation what is the best equipment i can buy etc etc., I am alos pregnannt again after a miscarriage last year so being extra cautious
Hi Jenni,

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy and fingers crossed eveything goes well.

One thing you could do in the very short term would be to put on your kitchen cooker hood while you are working, if you have one - this should help to cut down the smell from going through the house.

Looking to the longer term it is more the dust you need to look at and have ways of cutting down on the dust produced.

I have a fuminator which sits on the desk and helps with the smells and the dust but ultimately the best thing is to have something built into the desk which takes dust and vapours away from the area.

Do a search on dust, vapours, fuminator etc as this was discussed quite recently.
hi if you look in any of the nail mags they advertise a proper ventilation unit cant remember the name of it , but i know it is priced at around 89 quid but i think they are meant to be good coz they are made by a firm that makes ventilation for welders who weld galvanised metal, it is meant too be very dodgy stuff if you havent got the right type of ventilation (only know this coz hubby is an engineer and he told me ) so by that i think they would be good, hope this helps love dee , congrats on your pregnancy i know how you must feel as i ahve been throught the same but i got my little boy second time around safe and sound, i am sure you will be fine ,take care love dee
I have bought an Air purifier from Comet, work really well
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! :) I too am a home treatment but also do beauty treatments, nails however are very popular. So the smell can buils up I have had an extractor fan fitted to take out the smell. It doesn't really travel around then and can dispearse quickly however you do need fresh air coming back into the room too!!

Good luck with everything
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