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Feb 24, 2016
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Ive been a beautician for 9 years but always seem to lack confidence with my nails. Can you give me your honest opinion? Be kind, but constructive :0( thank you ladies


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I used to be an educator for OPI - before I give you some feedback, how do you feel about your work? [emoji4]
I feel like the edges are messy, acrylic is messy which makes the paint look messy round the edges! Xx
Hey, I'm by no means an expert, very newly qualified, but personally I think they look a tad bulky in places and could be filed at the sides a bit more, I always think it makes them look wide when the side aren't streamlined really well, I'm a sucker for sparkly designs like this though which I love!

I do think it's a really good effort just the finer details - exactly what I'm working on myself at the moment the finer details and timing x
Thanks Sara Jane, yeah I agree I think it's the bulk off them, when I file down though I get weak spots, where the acrylic Is to thin! What do you do! Xx
Weak as its to thin so starts flaking or weak where it just snaps? I always aim to keep the free edge 1 credit card in thickness evenly across it, and then the apex thicker, on myself I have my nails quite long so my apex is slightly thicker than I'd say 2 credit cards otherwise I'd run the risk of snapping them in half - but if it's weak where it starts flaking I'm guessing your filing to thinly

I think practice just makes perfect, on here I got advice about my nails to concentrate on perfecting the basics first before worrying about designs especially as I was doing blocking with different colour acrylics


That was one of my first sets which you can see acrylic looks uneven in places and what I'd call bulky, and I got good constructive criticism - one of which was to perfect my application first


This is where I am now, which I think are overall a lot better now - I practice on my trainer hand whenever I get the chance, just doing acrylic application and timing it trying to take a few minutes off each time
Great advice thanks Hun, I'm doing a set now so I'll up load a pic in a few hours x
Ok, first of all you have done a good job, they are all the same length and not too thick. As Sara-Jane said, the side edges could be more streamlined rather than "A-line" they need to look like they're growing straight from the nail bed, maybe even a little tapered in. They are a little bulbous in places and the area closest to the cuticle could be blended more. If I can find a diagram then I will post the picture. The best advice I can give you is to perfect your craft before working on your speed, skill before timing is very important. Methodology is also important, have the same method/routine for each nail from filing the natural free edge to application of tips to application of acrylic to blending and shaping acrylic. You could also consider going to a nail technician in your area (reputable) to see how they do your nails and watch them closely. I hope that helps.
Your nail art is fab btw.... I love glitter nails x
Great advice thanks Hun, I'm doing a set now so I'll up load a pic in a few hours x

Glad to help, as I say I'm newly qualified (just over a week) so it's all very new to me, I'm still very slow at achieving the results I want, and sometimes then I'm still not happy!
Thank you so much for all your help, that is great advice and I would love to see the diagram to if you can find it. I do find I don't always follow the same routine and that is a big thing I need to focus on. Thank you for your feedback

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