Hope we get some news soon


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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Good i am sitting here waiting for some news on the nail comp winners :rolleyes:
Dont know how much longer i can wait :lol:
Same goes for me too, Lesley. I'm looking on my handy every single moment if there is any SMS from Ruth or Faye.

Fingers are still crossed for you all at Olympia.
i am sitting here too lesley lol
I'm waiting here too!!!

Sarah xx
its nail biting stuff :rolleyes:
its nail biting stuff

:) lol...... I thought that was sooooo funny.... we need the competitioners to do OUR nails now cos we've bitten all ours off!!! :lol:
Hi, guys and gals at home waiting for news. Just got an SMS from Ruth saying she finished


Jessss! I knew you'd make it.
Congrats and a big hug and kiss xxx. Luv ya.
knew u could do it :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Hey Ruth!!!!!

Well Done!!!
luv Sarah xxxxx
ruth well done ,i bet you can go for a vodka now ,love dee
Congratulations Ruth........... a FIRST......... Fantastic!!

well done i was hoping to meet you all today but will be there tomorrow.:)

Best Wishes
Karen xx
well done you all of you, you should be ecstatic, its a wonderful achievement by you all !!!!
Well I got to see quite a few Geeks in person, The Nail Geek himself,
Mrs Geek, Honourary Geek(Demonstrating BRISA) ,Ketan Patel, loads of people, (yes I guess I was a little star struck) :) and yes,I was there when Ruth won, Congratulations!!! Ruth. Now I need to go and soak my aching feet.
Well done to you all today espeacially Ruth for coming first
congrats :p
I was at olympia today and met Sam, great bloke :) as you all know :cool: Also met a couple of other geeketts including paula and got to see her comp nails they were very very good!!! Well done Paula and a big well done to Ruth for winning, which catagory did you win? I went up to the comp hall but everyone had finished just after 2.00, think I missed alot of you but I was there looking :lol: Hope you all had a good day!!! :cool:
well done to ruth and all the other geeks! Makes me proud to be a geek! you are an inspiration to us all ruth.
Hi all,

Was lovely meeting so many of you today, here's the results that i know
Ruth 1st in fg
Caroline 3rd in fg
Dawnie 4th in fg
Ant 1st in winner of winners (well done you bugger)
Me 4th in winner of winners
Big well done to Ruth and yes i'm telling everyone you cried, bless you you deserved to win yr nails were fab, and big well done to Ant and don't enter my cat again lol!! yr nails rocked though and at least i lost out to a master!!!
Love to u all , i'm exhausted
Paula x
I am still shaking and can't believe it xxxxxxxxxxx
I cried buckets girls......................
I am just so pleased x understatement..................... I am over the ********moon......
See all those well wishes did the trick xxxxx

Now I can't remember what got what and who placed where ....I am sure Samuel will have all the important news, ones he gets back from the smoke!!!!!But A big Well done to all that won and all that competed.................Fibreglass/Fabric# has a winning place now..............and long may it continue............!!!!!
So go girls and boys go !!!!!!!

For all those Geeks thats stopped by and wished us well, a huge THANKS....... It meant a lot to us Compiting geeks.............

An even bigger thanks to all those that where our models...........
Without your patience and giving up your time for us to do our thing.......where would we be??????

So a huge thanks you to The Competition Models ............You guys are the best !!!!!

A few pics from Olympia......boy did we have fun!!!!!


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