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Apr 28, 2003
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can anyone out there give me some advice on gelbond, we have to use it on creative foundation course and I just cannot get on with it. I either put it on too thick or not enough, I`ve never used adhesive like it and it always clogs up in tube. When I push a pin inside it it just pushes lump further in, how does anyone manage with it
Hi Debbie

I must admit I think in the 18months that I've been using Gelbond, I think I've only had one clog at the end. I never put a pin in it other than at the beginning to create the hole.

Do you wipe the nozzle after you've finished with it? I do tend to be a bit of an old woman with my products and like to keep my nozzle (ehh!) free of any dried adhesive. If it does get a bit cloggy I use a wipe and Scrubfresh to clean it up.

The other thing is that I try not to squeeze too much out.

Have you tried Speedbond or SolarSeale - both from Designer Nails? They are free flowing and might be more what you are looking for.

I love all of CND products, except one ! Thats the glue! When I get one, I always give it the first person, who wants it ! :oops: Thats how I handle that ! I got that stuff every where! Had no control at all. Thats why, I always use a brush on. you have total control. And then theres one, that is called One Drop, it only comes out in one drop, works great. No fuss, no muss

Barb :silly:
Hi Debs!

I agree with Adele, I never have problems with it clogging up. I wipe the nozzle before putting the cap back on.

I LOVE Gel Bond, especially the pink! You will pretty much eliminate any air pockets with it. I plave the gel in a line in the well and put the contact point to the free edge and rock the tip on. The excess, if any, will squeeze out the top onto the nail plate. I then take the next tip to apply and scoop off the excess with the well and I now have my glue for the next tip. This also serves to seal the edge of the first nail tip. You then don't have any globs of glue uner the nail to clean out.

Give it some time and you will learn to love Gel Bond!
When I am finished with mine I alway swipe the tip with a little solar oil on a corner of table towel or paper towel to make sure the lid doesn't get glued on as well. I generally don't have trouble with mine. If I do it's usually something I've done like not rocking the tip on properly but I don't think it's ever clogged up on me.
I know where you are coming from with the Gelbond though as everyone here has said, it is easily avioded by wiping any exces off the nozel and re-capping.

Any nail adhesive sets with pressure and oxygen slows down the polymerisation process.

If there is some adhesive on the nozzel and you recap or pin it... that will block out oxygen and instantly set it.
Wipe any excess off and re-cap and you wont have a problem. Using the samller size is also usually a little easier until you get to grips with it.
The other thing people run into problems with is down to the Gelbond being in an aluminum container.
Avoid applying excess pressure to the tube (especially before opening) and squeeze in small segments.

Hope this helps
i originally put the gelbond on the tip only. but was taught on the conversion course to apply to the natural nail as well. is this necessary? or can i just apply to the well of the tip.
Thanks for all your input on this but I have been wiping the nozzle every time as I have had lids stick on in the past. As I gently squeeze the tube I can see a lump in the nozzle moving but sticking a pin into the nozzle only pushes back a bit then as you squeeze it goes to the end and blocks it again. I have had to buy more tubes of the stuff but if I can`t see whats going wrong it`ll happen to the others.
At this rate I`ll end up using other glue IF I pass my course and I really don`t want to, I want to only use CND products
Steph said:
i originally put the gelbond on the tip only. but was taught on the conversion course to apply to the natural nail as well. is this necessary? or can i just apply to the well of the tip.

Hi Steph... you can apply only to the tip... I recommend applying to both surfaces as it promotes a more thorough bond and better coverage.
Well Debbie,

As YOU say ... YOU can't seem to handle it or manage to put the correct amount on. It is new to you ... just because you have been doing nails for a while, does not mean you will pick up every new product and work perfectly with it.

I never have ever had a problem with GelBond and no one ever needs to.
It is not toothpaste!! SO .....
Do not squeeze from the end, but from the MIDDLE and then the adhesive (we don't use glue in the nail industry) will not keep bubbling up into the nozzle.
It is not horrible sticky stuff, but a brilliant gap-filling extremely- controllable adhesive used successfully by bazillions of nail technicians. Just use it correctly and you will not have any trouble.
Thanks again for all the input. Maybe the trouble I have was caused the first time I opened it, it did come gushing out and just kept coming. I will open a new tube very carefully and persevere, as you say geeg, it is new to me and I knew it had to be something I`d done but couldn`t see what. Although it still has to come out of the tube and through that nozzle, not sure how I can stop it going hard in there even by squeezing very gently. Surely I don`t have to wipe end and recap for each nail, that would take forever to put on a set.
Just draw a thin line in the well of the tip and -
spread (with the SIDE of the nozzle NOT the open end) a thin layer on the free edge of the natural nail too if you want tips that stay adhered forever.

I have never ever had GelBond go hard in the actual nozzle. You do not of course have to wipe after every single nail, but just normal good housekeeping habits as you would with any adhesive. Wipe before re-capping the bottle and screw the lid on TIGHT.

The Pink GelBond is awsome and saves on blending-time because the pretty colour shows through the well of the tip and you don't get that 'grey' look which is sometimes apparent with normal adhesives. I also suggest you purchase the 5 pack of small ones rather than the massive one if you are having any problems. That way you use it quickly and can go on to a fresh one before you 'muck it up, or 'stick it up' etc.
8) I'm with Barbie on this one! I do at least 10 to 13 people a day and don't have time to mess with glue or gel bond! It's brush on glue all they way for me!!

i use nothing else but this i love it never had a problem with it
It obviously is me and I`m determined to give it a good go. I probably didn`t put the lid on tight enough, I was told not to put it on tight to avoid it getting stuck (even though I wipe the end first). Thats got to be how I got a hard lump inside. I have now bought smaller ones and I`m going to try again. When I`ve used my 5 little tubes I will try the pink and if we still don`t get on after that (although I`m sure we will by then) then I`ll give up and try another.
Never let it be said I`m not a patient person, but it does help when my worst points are pointed out and I thank everyone for their input.
Debbie, when you put a pin in the foil to open the Gelbond, gently twist the pin around when you draw it out. That way you generally tend not to get a big splurge of adhesive pop out ;) and don't put a pin in the nozzle each time (if that is what you are doing), you don't need to.

All the best
I wasn`t putting a pin into the foil every time I used the adhesive, but into the nozzle which is where I could see a hard lump had formed and was getting in the way of adhesive coming out of the end. I have another tube ready to use, hopefully I`ll be ok. I have taken on board everyones advice. Watch this space.........
You do have a fantastic choice of 'adhesives' available from which to choose among the Creative range.


Not to mention for those who like a brush on: From the Fabric# range.
Bond and

And From Designer Nails

Use what you like the best. We choose to teach our beginners with GelBond bevcause it is not runny and they tend to get on remarkably quickly and sucessfully with it as it is less likely to cause air bubbles under the tip. But choices are there for those who want it ... no one is twisting your arm to use GelBond if you prefer an adhesive with a thinner viscosity.
I want to try and master the gel bond first although its good to know there are a few out there I can use.
I thought I`d have to stick to gelbond to pass my course, can I use a different one while I`m doing any of the courses then????????
What about using the brush on one used with fabric, will I be able to use that while learning?????????
I have always used a brush on adhesive, thats probably why I`m having the trouble I am, but I`m not ready to quit yet.
I`d appreciate some answers any body.......
thanks geek for the reply, sorry mine took so long, i don't get to the computer as often as i'd like. its nice to know i'm doing things right but also have a quicker alternative for times when speed is essential.
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