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Luxury Beauty

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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hello everyone!
I am in need of a hot towel caddy but i dont really want to spend a fortune on it.
I had a look on ebay (yes i know what everyones thinking!) and its got a UV sterilser but i was thinking how often do i need to replace the UV lamp and is there somewhere i can buy these? How much do the light bulbs cost?

Just wanted to know before i bought anything

hi Lima,

I have bought 2 off ebay, one about a year ago, which has the option of UV light (you switch the UV light on at the back and they recommend doing that for 20 minutes, but I've only used it once), and one that I bought a few weeks ago for my 2nd room.

I paid £80 for each of them which included p&p although the first one came from Germany so took about 10 days to arrive.

They are virtually identical, but I prefer the 2nd one as it seems to get the mitts hotter.

I love my towel cabis and couldn't do my treatments without them. £80 is a reasonable price IMO, as Ellisons and such like charge £200.

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