Hot wax gluing to skin

I’ve been having a bit of a problem recently with the hot weather. I also have a room where I can’t open the window to let air in due to privacy.

When doing Brazilians and Hollywood’s I’m finding the hot wax glues to the skin, literally. I just can’t flick it at all. Sometimes I use oil, sometimes talc underneath but I don’t know which will give best effect in heat?

On one hand I think talc because of its absorbing effect on sweat and on the other hand I think oil because it will have less of a sticking effect to the wax.

Yesterday I used talc and it didn’t seem to help but perhaps I should have kept applying it between applications? Maybe I didn’t apply enough?

Or would a cool water spritzer be an idea?
I can’t decide. I will purchase a fan but I sense that will just blow warm air around without an open window.

I don’t want to open the window as people will hear conversations and may make the client feel as though passers by are in the room with her so that’s not an option. Does anyone have experience of this?

I do eventually manage to roll the wax back but with a great deal off effort and it is dragging the skin up with it. It is like glue. Nothing to do with it not having enough time to set - but I did wonder if turning the wax down a bit in this heat might help?

My only concern with that is that the wax will set on the spatula if it’s too low. It’s only on 58.

So what’s your suggestion? Any ideas?

The warmer weather can play havoc with the wax can't it!
I find the best thing to do is to have a bowl of cold water in the room. Dip a cotton wool pad in the water and squeeze out the excess then wipe the pad over the wax to help it set.
Another option is to put talc over the wax but that can get messy.
I hope this helps

Hi thanks

Today wasn’t hot like yesterday but the room was still warm. I tried applying more oil than normal then blotting with bed roll. That did seem to help. I did think I should take in my soft gel ice pack for really hot days! I might try that!