How bad can it get???????


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Well love, I know being prepared is for warned but like anything where do you start and where do you stop............

It's like saying well if I get up in the morning, what could go wrong ????
Well plenty...............but you can also have a cracking day..........

The same goes for opening a bizz, plenty can go wrong.......... but then again plenty can and will go right................

Ok worst case scenario, no clients !!!!! Ok what you gonna do about it ???
Promote yourself and go out on a limb to get those people to come and see you !!!!!
Ok then there is a powercut, then there is late stock delivery, then there is majo in your sandwich when you wanted mustard.............

The point being.............. yes get prepared for certain things, the things you have control over....... back up stock aso..............
But the rest of your success is down to you and how hard you basically work at it.................


Now don't think that I make light of this, I set up in the city 10 years ago and was lucky to brake even in the first year..........the first years is all about, promoting yourself, getting a good reputation,carving a niche, creating a sound base for your business to rest on..............
If you don't do it you will never know and it will be one of those "If only moments later in life"

So if I had to do it again, would I???? OF COURSE I WOULD!!!!!!!!!!

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Im sure you will have many replies to this! If only i knew then what i know now! I would still do it!

My problems were, staff, (good techs are hard to find) customers, (just the ones that are late of course), long hours, (never got to see my hubby) not great money, (oh well, England is a good place for a holiday) and the fact that i fell pregnant within our first month of opening! (love my daughter to bits though!)

I closed my salon 5 years ago due to the pressure of the hours involved. But did i learn my lesson? Na, of course not, im due to open my new salon, with nail star 2003 as my manageress, next month!!!!!!!

Good luck, and ask yourself, if you dont do it, will you kick yourself in a years time????


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May 12, 2003
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Okay, I need help asap.

On Monday evening my Mum wants to sit down with me and discuss this shop.

She wants me to have listed everything that could possibly go wrong when I get my own Salon so I can prepare for the worst and decide if it is truly something I want to do.
(Even though I am sure that it is! :rolleyes: )

So, please can anyone who has or has had a Salon tell me what problems may occur, or what happened to you in the past that I may need to be aware of?

I'm sure it will depress me, but my Mum says that that is a good thing, so that if it happens I know how I will feel! :shock:

A scary thought that may put me off getting a salon, but the way I see it, you have to take these chances.

So, please help! I will really appreciate it, I promise! :D

Thank You
hiya bn03
ruth is very right (as usual!)
i've had my salon for 16 yrs now, & could (& should!) write a book on the ups & downs of it all.
if i had to look back & analyse why i'm still in business, i would list things like;
sheer grit & determination (some might say stubborn!)
professional ethics & attitude
fear of failure (see 1st point!)
never stop learning
don't believe the hype
the customer is always right ( unless rude :evil: )
keep a professional distance from your staff ( it took me 12 yrs to learn this one!)
even thou a gentlemans handshake is the way i tried to go for a long time, a solicitor will cost you less in the long run.
take time to listen to your staff.
enjoy your job, & it will b infectious :D

stay positive & oh get on personal terms with your bank manager :shock:

seriously, go for it, there r plenty of people on this board that will help you & give you advice when you need it

lol liza xx
They are some really important points. I think most business advice people will tell you not to expect making a profit within the first 3 years and that most businesses that don't do well will fold within 3 years. But nails is a huge business so I really can't see you having a problem.

I'm not trying to scare you - I don't have a salon so I'm not really the best person to advise you - but, as long as you put the effort in and don't expect too much out initially you should be fine. As Ruth said, she's been in the city for 10 years and Rachel has had two salons the last of which she closed down 5 years ago but she had her first salon when she was 18 years old (I'm not telling you how old she is now but she's been around a while!!!!!!).

What I'm trying to say is that if it's your dream and you really want to do it - go for it! Your mum is right, look at the possible scenarios but that's all they are - scenarios. If you do encounter any of them along the path to fame and fortune I'm sure you're level-headed enough with a good support network to overcome them.

I have been a salon owner for five years now!
I love my job and i honestly could not imagine working for any one else.
there has been a few mishaps along the way though,
my only real problem has been staff, Finding nailtechs as good as your self and finding loyal nailtechs that don't stab you in the back!
I have managed it now though thank god and things are ticking over nicely at the moment. Its always a bit of a worry though i think no matter what line of business you own!
good Luck. just remember if you don't do it you could kick yourself.
( I would not change being my own boss for the world)
Just want to say Thank You to all the advice you Guys have given me so far. (Especially Geeg!)

I spoke to my Mum tonight after writing a huge list of problems that might occur and we agreed on the following;

If I wait and do it in a couple of years then I will still have the same questions and worries, and I may have more ties then than I do now, also if I don't take a chance then I will never know. 8)

So I am going to sign the lease, and even if it all falls through and I end up in huge amounts of debt then I will just have to get a job at a call centre and an evening job and get it paid off. :shock:

But I am not going to let that happen anyway, I figure that being skint now will pay off in the long run. :D

So thank you all very much and no doubt when my next query arises I will be asking you all for help again! :D

(p.s if anyone has further advice on the first year of a Salon please feel free to post below! :D )
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