How best to remove glue in hair extensions?


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Hi guys looking for some advice on best and cheapest thing to use when removing glue in hair extensions, got them in 2 months ago and fed up with them already, I have pliers but just don’t have any sort of gel/remover/ could anyone recommend something that’s pretty reasonable? Not willing to pay £40 to get them removed! Thanks


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You won't be able to remove glue extensions by yourself.You risking damaging your natural hair.This should be only done by professionals.I use Balmain removal gun
I remove mine myself and i will say I nearly give up every time and wonder why the hell I have them in and I have cut a few before awful I know ! I've tried all the products to remove them they never come out easy ! Last time I used some vitamin E oil I had and I feel like that helped alot, when I had a look online apparently coconut oil is good too. Never thought about using oil, but I do think someone to help especially to get the ones at the back would help, It's very tedious! Good luck ! Xo

£40 is very reasonable to remove bonds. I charge more than that.
If I have a pound for every head I see where the bonds have been taken out by the client themselves and the hair is all snapped with bald bits, I could give up work.
Small price to pay to get a job done right.


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Pay the £40 and get them removed properly, u will be glad u did!

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Yep £40 is totally reasonable it’s just not worth going bald by pulling them out!

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