how do creative and ezflow educators become educators?


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Jul 13, 2007
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I was thinking, from lots of searching recently and previously, it seems that the most respected training is either Creative or EzFlow. So I was wondering, how do the companies decide whether someone will make a good educator?

Also how do they make sure that the training continues to be up to standard? Do they send out "mystery shopper" type people? Or maybe the educators have to attend regular sessions? Maybe it's another way.

What happens if an educator is found to have slipped? Are they "struck off" the list forever, or do they get training to get back up to standard?
not 100% sure babe but i think the Creative ones go to a place they call bootcamp to be trained up....good question x
not 100% sure babe but i think the Creative ones go to a place they call bootcamp to be trained up....good question x

Ooo that sounds sooo exciting!!
i never new this that is so cool !!!! i'd love to go !!! xx
Well for CREATIVE (Now known as CND, lots is changing over there), you have to be mentored through a current educator and be reccommended to apply. You have to be a grand master, and mentor for a year. To be a grand master, you must have earned your masters in all six classes: liqiud and powder, Brisa Gel, SPA, nail makeovers, l&p rebalancing and troubleshooting, and Brisa rebalancing and troubleshooting. And then they let you apply, there is some stuff in the middle there that I am unsure of, I was just told that I better plan on flying to california for it (I am guessing its an interview for bootcamp application), and then if you are approved for bootcamp, its about 10 days of intense work on your application, product knowledge, and more. All the heads are there watching you, grading you, judging you, so definitely STRESSFUL.
While you are mentoring, you might work in the booth at a trade show as a master with the educators (which I may be doing in march), and I am putting in some good one on one time with my mentor.

I have been lucky so far, as my first mentor was Beth Kelly, a Team Creative member here in the USA, and my new mentor, Alicia Bryant-Mayes was also a Team Creative member here in the states. In my humble opinion, CND education ambassadors are the best of the best, and to be on Team Creative you have to audition for a spot, making them the cream of the crop. I feel pretty blessed to have the cream twice.

SO YEAH, ITS ALOT OF WORK lol. I have been waiting my whole career to be stressed out like this lol.

So now everyone can see just WHY CND educators are so, well, educated! It's not for the faint of heart, and you have to work HARD.

For those of you that are interested, start talking up an educator at a show, and get yourself VISIBLE.

I just read that thread about bootcamp, and with the replies here,the CND (sorry I got it wrong:confused:) way of becoming an educator seems so tough! I really do think it makes a mockery of the way some (I repeat SOME) places employ people to teach others. I know of someone who was teaching a part of a make up course at a nearby college, who had completed her NVQ level 2, but had only ever worked on a make up counter:eek:!
Yeah, they don't make it easy, which is why I admire them so much myself :)
The other thing I admire is the education being ROOTED in factual science. They do not believe in sharing urban nail legends, but empowering nail professionals with FACTS.
And then theres the whole working behind the scenes at fashion week lol, that's just icing on the cake. They are very cutting edge, and it's something that I think would be BRILLIANT to be a part of. :)
I actually think it makes the educators like superstars in my humble beginner type eyes! I certainly have much more respect for the people who achieve this now than I had before! If I see a CND educator at a show, I'll bow my head in respect, and only speak when I'm spoken to!:green:

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