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Jun 21, 2013
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Client wants shellac & additives, I am doing as a introductory price of £10 only, just so I can get samples up and clients to try it out! However her nails are really short, and she asked how much would it be if she had enhancements? I usually charge £25 for acrylics, which I prefer over my gel technique, however I have brisa smoothing gel, how much should I charge etc I'm quiet stuck :/, it would work out £35, I think that's reasonable, however I have a feeling she won't wanna pay that. Is that too much, plus the service time.
No its not too much, if she doesnt want to pay that much its not worth your time & products. Dont sell yourself short. Give her the option of varnish at x amount or with added shellac at £35. Xx
Brisa smoothing gel isn't for enhancements.

If your going to do enhancements then charge for it, £10 won't cover the cost of doing all if that including time etc.

I charge £22 for shellac, depending what I was doing with the additive and time I'd charge extra, between £2 and £5 if its just for an accent nail then might do it free. I charge £27.50 for clear brisa lite sculpting gel sculpt and then £10 for 1 colour shellac on top, more if art etc. Brisa smoothing gel I always charge an extra £5 on top of the shellac charge.

Any clients you get now for a cheap price may not come back, so charge for enhancement and shellac. If doing shellac on own then say its a one off at £10 and if doing art charge it's your time.
She's a regular. Um, i only doing it as £10 for a intro price, as i only purchased it the other week and haven't got any wheels back yet, and thought it was a good chance to get a sample or two on clients first, i wouldn't keep it at £10 for long, it is only till i have a sample or two up.

I didn't think it was a lot, but ugh a lot of people around me try and moan and want things next to nothing, and i have been quiet this month, i am desperate. But ok i shall tell her £35, it does seem good to me, i usually charge £15 for Shellac or gel polishes on natural nails, usually, but i only just bought the additives and wanted someone to try them.

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