How do I tone from yellow blonde to honey blonde?


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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi all you hair geniuses!!

I have a client who has regular highlights and has now decided to go ombré- no probs!
However she always lifts to a yellowy/pale blonde and I'd like to leave her with more of a honey blonde colour on the ends,
Once iv tinted the roots and bleached any bits that need doing I was considering putting a 10/3 colour touch on to tone? But not sure if I should use 10/1? I don't want it ashy but worried if I put more gold in it will go too yellow!
Iv attatched a picture of the blonde her hair lifts to!
Many thanks for you help xx


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Well once you do the ombré your going to go back into it with lightener to blend again?
What color line do you usually use?
She's pretty light so I'm assuming if you lighten again you'll get some more warmth out but a honey blonde still needs that warmth.
Maybe 10/03 (talking color touch)
Perfect thanks I normally semi the roots 6.37 and 6.0 comb down then do the ends? Shall I be doing something different x
I also use wella and love it x
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I always feel like a dark root looks better than a lighter..
I would go within the level 5 range but that's your call! [emoji4]
I'd use a 9/7 it's not as golden as /3 but is a warm blonde x
The /7 shades are lovely! 8/07 is a favourite of mine. Gives that nice warm but not overly glowy blonde colour
Thank u all! Il give /7 a go x

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