How do people apply cluster lashes on themselves?


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Oct 14, 2013
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United Kingdom
I struggle to do my own lashes on myself but I know a few people who can do it!! Anyone got any tricks!!!? :) x

Nicola! Xxx
I'd love to know the answer to this too x
I've only done it once. It was very difficult but possible. You need to be calm and use a good sized magnifying mirror.

I prefer to go to have them done though by some else. Less faffing.

If you know another beautician, do/swap treatments on each other.
I do this but only the outer lashes, one eye is fine the other a little trickier. Just do one eye at a time. No hints n tips it is a bit of a pain tbh.

I gave it a go earlier and managed to do ok this time. It's hard trying to get them at your lash line though and not sticking up to much... But I managed it lol. It took me quite a while too!!

Nicola! Xxx
Useing a magnified mirror helps when I do mine

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