How do you fight fatigue and pain?


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Oct 14, 2009
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i just worked a 60 hour week and i am exhausted. my feet are swollen my left hip feels eighty years old my hands are shot and i am ready to pass out asleep. when you guys are slammed busy how do you cope? my body and attitude are suffering to make my wallet fat. what do you do on the days you feel you just cant file another nail?
Personally I sleep any chance I get. Im one of these people that needs a lot of sleep and if I want to rejuvinate in body or mind, thats what I do.

As far as things you can do, have days where you are truly off and you dont do anything nails like at all. Make that day where you do things that are fun, go to the movies, see friends, eat out somewhere nice, but something that isnt at all like sitting at a desk or seeing to peoples nails.

Booking yourself in for a massage may help with the aches as well as feeling that you are getting some pampering.

When you are busy its important to keep your diet in good condition so you get all the nutrients to keep your body going. Often when we are busy we neglect meals and eat all kinds of crap. Try and keep with foods that are good for your energy and supplement with vitamins when necessary.
I'd suggest after my last poorly year :(
Going for a blood test also, to rule out any medical conditions.
I had swelling feet, sore hip... infact sore joints everywhere, I could litrally fall asleep at the drop of a hat, my memory is virtually none existant.The list goes on and on.
And got to a point I too litrally sat at the table one night and said ' I can't do this anymore.....'
I went to the GP as I thought I may have arthiritus... turned out I have an underactive Thyroid... explains everything! even the smaller things I used to moan about lol.

You may just be overworked, but please get checked out anyway, as I ignored all my syptoms I had my blood form for 2 months before actually going for it.
And I lost lots of hair, and got into a pretty bad state.

I may be waaaayyyyyyyyyyy off the mark, but yep best to check I think x:hug:
I do have an under active thyroid but i am already on meds for it. i really feel over worked but i have no choice but to continue cuz my hubby is not out of school yet. i am so worn out and i am trying to keep up my spirits but its hard when i cant even get sleep due to my aching
I used to do the same as you every week for years on end. I too had an under active metabolism; I think many nail technicians do. We sit all day, throw something down in 5 minutes if we get the chance, then go home late, eat late and go to sleep. No wonder weight is a big problem amongst nail technicians.

You don't have to excersise between clients, but it does help just to stand up and stretch between every client. If there is no in between lol then just stand and stretch out before sitting again. I learned this from watching my dogs lol. Everytime a dog gets up, they stretch out. It does help. Gets the blood flowing.

Another thing with the hands. Don't GRIP .. Just support. Some techs grip firmly all day long and it is not necessary. Learn to just support the finger and your Hands will feel much better.

Sit properly, don't slouch and sit at the right height ... Very important the height. Good ergonomics are a must ... If something hurts then change what you are doing .. Nothing should hurt.

I feel for you. Get outside today, breathe in some fresh air and MOVE.. Xx
As well as everyone else's suggestions, how about trying Yoga, it is really good for stretching and strengthening muscles as well as relaxing them after standing or sitting all day. It is also something that when you are doing it it is totally focused on you and yourself, something that is totally "me time" I like it but understand it's not for everyone, just a suggestion!!:)
i am glad i am not the only one. i am working on my instructors lic so i hope that will be a change in my career that will bring of out of this funk. i hope that by teaching i can still do what i love on a less demanding basis. thank you for the suggestions everyone i will definately take all advice i can get.

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