How do you heat your towels?


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May 12, 2003
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I know this sounds like a silly question, but hey it's me! :oops:

But how do you keep you towels warm for the Solar Manicure? It's just that at the salon we don't have radiators or a microwave or anything. :? So I don't know how to keep them warm! :(
I use a crock pot/slow cooker. Put the towels in a little wet and set it on low for 30 min. or so, less if you use really hot water to wet your towels. I saw it at at show last Oct and it's perfect.
Yes, that's what we always do at shows and in the salon ... use a slow cooker or crock pot or invest in a small microwave ... they are not much more than a crock pot these days but I really like the first idea best and it works so well for us. You can also scent the water in the pot with a litle essential oil for an extra bit of luxury.
I have been wondering how to heat towels too, where can you get a crock pot or a slow cooker?! And the microwave...will any sort do?! lol!

I'm sure Curreys or Argos or Comet have Crock pots or sloww cookers - as to microwaves, how many different types are there?? Just a small microwave is needed but it is messier than the crock pot idea. You can put several towels in a CP and have them warm and ready-to-be-used all day while with the MW idea you have to wet the towell put it in the MW wait get it out ect.

Another option is the professional towel warmer but expensive.
The rep who taught my Master class used the rice steamer she received as a wedding present :D It worked great.
Okay, kind of sticking on the hot towel topic, are electric mitts just as effective for the Solar/Spa Manicure as I was thinking of investing in some of these after seeing them at my 1SNS, and maybe even the booties too in due course - being mobile, I think these will be a little less cumbersome than adding a crock pot to my ever-increasing bag of mobile goodies :(!
The hot towels are more for cleansing the forearms and hands than anything else. It makes the service super luxurious.

The hot mits (electric) are for helping the super moisture pack to penetrate and soften the skin. You really need both.

Actually I prefer the Creative warming mits that you put in the microwave to the electric mits. They are so soft and cuddly compared to those plastic things with electric cords etc. But you will have to choose which ever you think is the best option for you. But almost everyone has a microwave these days, and you can heat the wheat-mits in advance and they will stay warm for ages, so you don't have to break off in the middle of the service to heat them up etc.
Where can we get these funkay sounding mitts frm, do we HAVE 2 phone for them? (I hate hate hate using a telephone!!) Can u quote a price too?? Thankyou :)

I use my ele. heat mits with almost every mani. I use the solar butter wrap in plastic and have them set w/the mits on for approx. 5 mins. This is if they have the extra 5 mins. Most of them if they have had it once will always want it again. One of my best investments. I have never heard of the Creative mits though. Wish I had.
Can be purchased from any One Stop Nail Shop, or from Designer Nails 0113 275 5719 ask for Sales.

Sorry Layla, but it is the 21st century now, you'll have to get used to the phone lol OR if you prefer. email them for the info you want.

Personally I do not like to use this message board to post prices etc. That is not what it is about.
meckleberry said:
I use my ele. heat mits with almost every mani.

I too use electric mitts with every manicure. I apply cuticle cream (massage in) then cuticle oil (massage in) then I have a jojoba based hand oil which I apply all over the hands, in the plastic bags and into the mitts for 5 (ish) minutes. If I or the client is not rushed for time and their hands need extra tlc then I give them a bit longer.

I once saw wheat warmers at a Craft fair and thought they were fab and tried to make some myself - I am glad I am a nailtech cos I cant sew for toffee :D

I like the idea of the snuggly ones.
Be careful, if the wheat is not freeze-dried and sterilized first (by this process of freezing) then you will have mouldy mits in under a week!!

You can't make them yourself. They are heated up and cooled down, up and down so many times they can get really manky if the wheat isn't sterile.

As with most things, there is more to it when you manufacture than the ordinary person thinks there is. That is why they cost more.
I am actually trying to envisage how one would go about trying to make them - Nat Nails your kitchen must have been a sight!! :shock: I often wondered myself how these mits were made and why they didn't 'go off' so-to-speak! The process is long and very winded :huh: but it works and that's the kicker!! :thumbsup:

Thought I would just clear something up whilst I'm here (for all non-UK board members) - we have added the CND logo to certain Designer Nails items so that they 'go' with the range...the infamous Worm Coffin; the CND Warming Mits, tshirts etc - we do it for our market but they are not 'technically' CND products (of course we have permission to do all this) - it just means that if you haven't heard of it or never seen it in your CND product catalogue - chances are, Designer Nails has had it made for the UK market. ;) Hope this has helped some of you as I know this can be confusing sometimes!! :? :shock: :oops: ;)
Can someone explain to me in idiots language how to keep towels warm in the slow cooker. I have one and don`t really use it so its a great idea to take it into my salon to use with spa manicure. Would you just put the towels in or with water (won`t that be messy) I know this is a dumb question but hey, I highlight my hair, I`m allowed to act like a bimbo occasionally
I wet my towels then remove as much water as I can and place the towels in the crock pot on LOW before my client's appt. I caution you, they do get very warm, ok hot, if you do it too far in advance. But it's a simple way for me, b/c I just set the crock pot on a table beside my station and I don't have to get up during the service.
it certainly sounds better to use a slow cooker than a microwave, I have the room for a slow cooker in my little corner and at least I could keep it cleaner than sharing a microwave with the other staff
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