How do you organize all of your nail art supplies?


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May 25, 2003
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Ford City, PA USA
Those of you, who do handpainted nail art on just about every client, how do you organize your nail art supplies. I am trying to get organized so that everything is right at my fingertips, but still not in the way. Any chance some of the pros (Christie, Trina, hint hint) could post a photo of their set up???
Hi Rhonda,
Thank you for the wonderful comment.
I keep all my paints in a train case (meant for cosmetics) and my brushes in the top where you would put your blush brushes and those sort of thing.
I keep it right beside my desk where it is nice and handy.
Hope this helps. :flower:
I have 2 tool-box type beauty boxes, one for nail art stuff and one for tips and overlays. It works for me, although being mobile and based its a bit of a pain carrying them around everywhere. I only keep a few things in the salon so the bulk I keep with me
I have a cocktail shot glass (yes!!) which I keep my brushes in; small, tall and its 2tone coloured glass!
My paints are all attached in a tray; thats how they came, and I keep that to the side of my table.
I then have a box which is supposed to be to put your sewing things in ie needles, pins, cotton etc, and I keep all my nail piercing attachments, chains to glue on, plastic wallets of glitter, and jus odds and ends Iv found where I've thought "Ah I can use this for nails!!" in here. Ideal because it has lil compartments!! I keep my box in my top drawer in my table. :)

I got my rhinestones and glitters on pots and I keep them near my paints. My nail varnish stand broke (lol!) so my varnishes are over brimming in a box at the moment! :?

Thats abouit it, you dont really need much stuff for nail art, just brushes, paints and odds n ends! Just keep them tidy in a box! Makeup boxes are great because they have all the lil compartments :-D

Thanks for your great replies!

Layla, I am really interested in your paints that are attached to a tray. Where did you get them? Right now I have the sting of little pot so paints but would like something a little more user friendly. Your paints sound like just the ticket!
lol :D

I got them from

They are pots of paint attached into a plastic tray. They're called Flexbrush Acrylic Paint Sets. You can get them in primary colours, neons and metalics.

Hi ya all,
I keep all my art stuff in a Tool box, from the local DIY store.
The top tray lifts out, so my colours or at the bottom. lid down so I can see the colours a glance, the tray has all the odds and sods, like gemstone aso in little containers, The lid itself has compartments for decals and two long compartments for the brushes and pens I use.
Great deal a nice little cheapy that is worth millions to me lol
Love Ruth xxx
hi i do lots of art and art parties.. so i had been looking for the perfect storage on wheels... and ive found it... i was in salon services in banbury and theyhad got a hairdressers trolley about 12" wide by 15" with 5 trays and its on wheels.. i just pull it over if someone wants art and lift it into the back of my car for parties... i do take top two trays off and lay them on the floor
i use top tray for glitters top coats
next tray for brush roll tapes/stickers etc
next tray for paints
next for airbrush stencils and paints and the last for bits and bobs i find it perfect.
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