How far/where do you apply masks?


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Jan 8, 2013
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I've got a luxury gel polish booked in for Friday evening. I know to do my standard prep and gel polish application, then after cleansing inhibition layer I'd go on to exfoliate, rinse, mask + heated mitts, rinse, then massage- but I'm never quite sure where to take the mask? I've always applied it all over, palms, back of hand, nails, up to mid forearm. Not that I do many luxuries on hands! I see some people don't paint it around the nail area though- surely that's where the trouble areas are? The skin around the perimeter of the nail which can sometimes be a little callused. I did my own a couple of weeks ago using the asp/Cuccio deep dermal and the pads of my fingers were wrinkly when I removed it, I didn't let it sit there ages either and as it was on myself I skipped the mitts.

I've got the asp dermal mask, a gorgeous green tea one from BCL Spa, Nubar's warming clay and also the salon services Thai one. I love a nice mask lol! I'll chose one to use based on her skin condition, but I'll probably go with the BCL as it's so nice and I've not used it yet. They're all creamy non setting ones, other than the Nubar.

So guys and gals, where should I paint it? I pop the hands in a polythene protector anyway, so it's unlikely to stay where I leave it lol. As usual, I'm probably over thinking things!

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