How high is your camping/nail table?


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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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Have been recommended to buy a camping table to use when im doing mobile,ive been searching for a while ,have been looking for one with adjustable legs preferbly,and one thats not too expensive.Popped into Carters yesterday they have one for £20 without adjust. legs and it stands at 70cm high.How high is anyone elses table as i cant make my mind up if it will be high enough?I was looking for a 75_80cm high.
There are two reasons that I wouldn't use a camping table.
1. It doesn't look as professional as a proper folding nail table, and 2. The height is all wrong. You and your client will end up with back ache, she won't thank you for it.
This is my table, it doesn't cost the earth, and the working height of 75.5cm is perfect for me.
Hope this helps.:hug:
A big no,no to camping tables,ironing boards,etc come on,we want to present a professional image dont we?A manicure desk isn't that pricey for petes sake.:green:
I agree with the others, imo a camping table is big no-no for me.

The way I look at is although you have to pay more for a professional nail station we don't enter this industry on a tempoary basis, this is our long term career so we should be buying equipment for the long term whats an extra £60 when you are going to be using it for years. You only need to do a handful of treatments to make the money back.

This is the one I have its sold by salons direct or you could get it from ebay cheaper i imagine DELUXE Portable Nails/ Manicure/ Pedicure Beauty Table - eBay, Nail Art, Nails Manicure Pedicure, Health Beauty (end time 15-Sep-07 21:10:00 BST)

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