How long do your clients get from Shellac & Smoothing gel, honestly


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Jun 12, 2015
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Hi all,
Earlier this year I purchased the cnd brisa lite smoothing gel pack from s2. It's advertised as making shellac last that bit longer and i pretty much have all my clients hooked on this being put on under their shellac.
Thing is , I'm not sure it really does last that bit longer . Is it just me or has anyone else found this too ?
Considering looking at harmony gelish but don't want to switch Brands now !!
Thanks in advance ! X
It varies with each client & if they follow aftercare. I trained in Brisa lite gels and if I'm honest, Brisa smoothing gel gives a little extra strength but most clients don't get any longer than 2 weeks - the smoothing gel layer is so thin it literally just smooths out any ridges on the nail x
I definitely get longer with smoothing gel. I never get 2 weeks without as my nails are so thin. I have to have it otherwise my nails split/chip.
I haven't noticed it make the shellac las longer, but it is good for clients who want to keep a lot of length without the risk of breakages. The most I've had out of shellac alone without chipping is 22 days xx
My nan gets about 6 weeks! Her natural nails are rock hard though!

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