How long should lash extensions last?


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Oct 9, 2014
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I got then done last Tuesday and I reckon nearly half of them have fallen out. Particularly bad on my right lashes. I haven't been using mascara/oils even water so am a little annoyed. She used marvel lashes. I'm trained in hair not beauty so have no idea what I should expect.
That could be why Hun marvel lash adhesive is not one of the best. Are they the individual lashes (semi perm) or express/cluster??
Individual lashes. I was expecting to have them infilled around 2-4 weeks that's fine but there's so many lost now and my own lashes are really sparse. It looks like I've only got baby lashes left in the gaps. How long Will it take for my natural lashes to recover?
With the individual ones you should be going every 2-3 weeks for infills but like I said if the products are inferior or the technician has not adhered the lash correctly that could also be a problem. You might need to use a lush serum to help your lashes
Or the glue might be expired once opened it is Ment to be kept in the fridge and used within 2/3 months .
Nooooooo you don't keep glue in the fridge. Flirties you keep in a dry dark place ie, jar of rice or silicon bag and once opened has a shelf life of up to nine months
Oh well in my country the temp is 39 deg per day with 80% humidity you HAVE to keep in fridge

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