How many of you Steam & do Extractions?


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Dec 6, 2007
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Just a quick post to see if everyone Uses a facial steamer then follows it throuh with extraction mentods in facial treatments?
As i know that no everyone does these two stages in a facial as they feel it would not be a relaxing treatment for client's & have different facials that consist of 1 1/2 treatment which does then include it if client wishes.
I prefer to use a hot compress. I do have a steamer but I only really use it for clients who have serious blackheads (often teenagers)

I'm not keen on extractions but I do do them if it's necessary. Fortunately most of my clients are mature ladies who don't need many, and if they do it's normally just one or two

Overall I suppose the treatment needs to be tailored to suit the needs of the client.
I'm the same as Zozo, although I do get to treat a lot of solar comedones. I also use Dermalogica's Scaling Fluid and desincrustation and those babies really pop out :green: But I'm not a great fan of extraction as if you aren't careful you just replace one problem with another ie scarring. Plus I feel that its telling your clients that "picking" spots is okay - you know a kind of do as I do and not as I say!

I'd rather get a good homecare routine going to try and prevent them in the first place ... I guess it's similiar to dry skin around the cuticles; get them to use a good cuticle oil so it will go and won't come back, rather than just cutting it with nippers and it comes back even worse.
I actually stopped going to one salon as they seemed to spend ages on extraction, and tbh I dreaded it! it was painful and it would spoil the whole treatment, I couldn't relax to the run up of it.
Saying that, this was the same salon that I didn't like the product they were using as it contained patchouli oil. Can't stand patchouli!

so it was a double reason for me leaving.
I always do it if necessary (but not in mini facials) but always check with the client that they want it. Most say yeeeeessssss please do as many as you can. I always leave the whiteheads until last (the end of the treatment, so not to spread any bacteria around) and am very gentle. :hug:
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I think gentle steaming is a great part of a facial - it can be relaxing, aid cleansing, stimulate & improve colour. I think the trick with both steam and extractions is to do them only when indicated and not to over prolong both as it will obviously cause irritation. It comes down to knowing your clients skin i.e do not use either on hypersensitive, vascular, acne, sunburn damaged skin.

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