How many skincare brands?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Zuzizz, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Zuzizz
    How many skincare brands you use for facials?How to choose them?
  2. squidgernetball
    I use 2 but offer a lot of different facials, with machines etc. Much more and it becomes even more confusing for clients.

    Vic x
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  3. alison duncan
    I am looking for a inexpensive but good quality range of skin care to compliment non surgical facials. Any advice would be welcome as I’m looking to start my business around late spring
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  4. CFBS
    When I brought in facial micro current I started to use the Crystal Clear Complex C range that had just been launched.
    It's specifically an anti-ageing range so fitted in well for this, more expensive but good.

    I also stock Kaeso as my lower price range but it is very popular because it is good and also based on essential oils and botanical extracts.

    So basically I have one affordable 'natural' based range and one expensive 'technologically advanced' range.
    This seems to cover all requirements, skin types and pocket sizes!
    The Kaeso far outsells the Crystal Clear products.
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  5. alison duncan
  6. alison duncan
    Thank you for the information, I will look into both of these ranges. It’s difficult as there’s a lot of makes I’m interested in, dermalogica, Decleor and Environ to name a few.
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  7. Zuzizz
    I will just start my courses. But already began to think about brand to work with. Considering about Germain de capuccini, ph phormula, guinot maybe. And one more. Will choose one first than will add second one. But the hardest part is to choose

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