How much shall I charge for express blink & go??


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Jul 12, 2010
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isle of wight
Hi, I'm going on my course on the 2nd and 3rd aug and I'm very excited to do it, they say charge £30 to £55 I thought I might charge £40 for natural ones and £45 glam ones and maybe add a fiver for the bottom ones and add a further £15 for lash tint and brow tint and shape, what do you think?? But what I was gonna do is a special offer as I will be new to it how ling shall I do the offer for and how much do you think I should charge? £20???? Also can u do eyelash tint the same day ad the blink & go???
You will probably find when you do your training you will be advised on price structure, styles etc also on tinting so I would make a list of all the questions you would like answers to and take it with you as its very easy to get caught up with application, you forget to ask all you need to. What would probably be a good idea is doing a little research in your area on what other salons or Lash Tech`s are offering with regards to price & Lash Styles so that you have a good idea where to place yourself with prices it is usual to do a introductory offer when you are perfecting your technique but again a lot depends on the area you plan to work in and what is offered. I assume as you mention Blink & Go you are training with Nouveau? Maybe a Nouveau Lash Trained Tech will see this thread and be able to advise you better as all companies although the application is very similar if not the same (semi perm lashes) have their own routine and training methods. Good Luck with your training ....... happy lashing.
Thank u glitz x

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