How much to charge for chair rent?


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Feb 8, 2016
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I have a beauty salon and a young girl has come in and rented a room upstairs off me m. She has made this into a hairdressers she has put all the fumitory snd plumbing in her self. So because of this I gave her rent for £100. Including all bills and insurance. She on a 12 month contract and not aloud to sublet. How ever she's asked if she can let a girl work with her on a commission base. If I said yes what do I charge? Also is £100 to cheap shall I put it up after the 12 months
I like many others in here rent out beauty rooms in my salon £100 is the going rate so I don't see why it should be different for hairdresser and to be fair if she's invested in the room , u have a great tenant . If she is paying u a set rent whether she has staff or not the set rent is still the same ( on the contract I use ) . If the rent inc water and electricity I d say if she's getting busier and using more it's fair to put it up after 12month review.

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