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Apr 5, 2016
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I might be in the position to get a few customers for pedicure in a care home. This could become a regular thing. Normally I charge £25 for a full pedicure. If I would have lets speculate 6 customers there a day. How much would u charge?
A care home for the elderly?
Yes a Carehome for elderly.
The elderly have a lot of issues with their feet. I personally don't think beauty therapists should be treating them. 95% will need the skills of a foot health practitioner or podiatrist.
I work in a care home and I charge my usual for a pedicure which is £28 or £15 for a file and polish. There is a chiropodist that comes in on a different day to me so if they have any major problems with their feet I recommend them to her. It works quite well. A lot of elderly people in care homes are just like usual clients but can't get out and about so you going to them for some pampering is so lovely. They generally know when their feet are bad enough for a chiropodist but if they don't and they don't seem to understand what you're saying when you're saying you can't treat them, just speak to one of their carers and they'll take note for next time xx
Pretty much without exception they're going to have much more delicate skin & very brittle nails.

That's aside from the high instances of corns, bunions, hammertoe, arthritis, calluses, blood thinning meds for heart conditions/strokes & circulatory problems. Endless contraindications.

There is a skill and technique in dealing with elderly feet. Perhaps a layperson, such as a potential oap client, would not be aware of this and would therefore think it appropriate. But a professional should be aware they are high risk and require additional skills that the vast majority of beauty therapists don't hold. It's an ethical no go in my books.
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I'm hoping to get some work in care homes. Planning on calling local ones. I will probably offer manicures rather than pedicures though xxx
I'm sure the op has enough experience and knows when somebody's feet need more care than what she/he can give. They're asking how much to charge, not our opinion on whether we should be doing pedicures for elderly people or not. In answer to that question, I say charge the same as your usual price. I hope that helps xx
I couldn't even get manicure or polish work at care homes a few years ago even though the house managers were my clients and I came recommended by them!

And I even knocked a couple of £ off! They wanted a full mani for about a fiver or a polish for like £2 [emoji33]. nobody wanted to pay a decent price. I was told sheepishly by the house managers (who are still my clients now) in the end that the younger carers working there often gave them little manis/pedis for nothing while just chatting and keeping them company. They simply didn't care about a professional doing it.

So I wish you well and hope you do better than me! Xx
I would charge your usual price, or maybe slightly less - assuming you're usually mobile so you'll be saving time by not having to travel, set up, pack away, etc between clients.

When my nan was in a care home they had regular visits from a beautician who did manicures and pedicures, etc. They also had regular visits from chiropodist and a podiatrist. Have a chat with the staff at the home and see what's what and take it from there.
I think it's a lovely idea...why shouldn't they have the opportunity of a manicure or pedicure. :)
The only problem i see however, as blossom has pointed out, they will expect the service for a fiver....:oops:
My neighbour thought I was 'greedy', asking for £20.00 to cut & blow dry her hair.(I'd already knocked off £15.00 as she lived next door!)
Her day centre had a mobile hairdresser who would do it for £7.00.:eek:
Thank you all for your answers. I will go for it and see how it goes. And yes. I am aware of foot problems in the elderly. X

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