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Bonny Boutique

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Jan 23, 2007
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Hi there

I'm currently on the CND Foundation Course and just got to go back in for day 5 in a few weeks, hopefully I will then receive a lovely certificate. Was thinking of going mobile but if I was to go into a salon recently qualified, can anyone tell me how much I could expect to earn? I suppose that would depend on whether I was renting a room, or actually working for somebody else in a nail salon.

Any thoughts would be helfpul.
I'll be very honest and say not a lot to begin with....unless you're a complete natural, your full sets and rebalances will take ages......after I finished my VTCT a few years ago I went straight into renting at a hair salon and asked them to book me 2 clients per I knew how slow I takes quite a while to get established and build up regulars and iron out any problems....

You're in the right place here now for help now....this site really helped turn my business around!

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