How to apply pastels effectively?


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Mar 5, 2012
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Hi everyone.

I'm hoping some of you can help. I use OPI GelColor for gel treatments and love it. I'm struggling to get a nice even coverage with some of the new Soft Shades and it reminded me that I've also struggled a bit with paler colours such as 'Let Me Bayou A Drink'.

Any tips for better application? I had to do 4 coats of 'Stop I'm Blushing' on a client yesterday as I could still see shadowy patchy areas and obviously I'm concerned that she may get lifting or chipping sooner than she normally does.

Thanks, Jenny
You can always try a white or nude undie. If you do a thin layer of one of these it helps the colours pop and look nearer xxx
Thin layer of white underneath a wishy washy colour first always works
Thanks ladies x
I am a new tech and have been experimenting with several techniques. So far I've tried and like these two.

1. Mix white with color 1:2 ratio. Apply 2 coats then apply 2 coats of just regular color. I usually apply 4 coats with pastels anyway being they are too sheer. This way I get a more smooth application and more depth of color. And too avoid the look of white streaks under the pastel color.

2. 2 color coats, top coat and light buff smooth. Then 1-2 color coats and finally top coat. This also help the color look more smooth and consistent.
Def put a white or similar color and sometimes it takes 4 coats and with them don't go too thin
Didn't say 4 thick coats. It's 4 thin coats. Or you can sometimes go slightly thicker and do 3 coats.
And it shouldn't be too thin either. I have the new soft shade pastels. They are streaky if you go too thin.
Didn't say 4 thick coats. It's 4 thin coats. Or you can sometimes go slightly thicker and do 3 coats.

You said sometimes it takes 4 coats and don't go too thin ?
I didn't say put it on thick either.

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