How to become a Bare Minerals stockist?


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I am new salon owner and I was very intrested in stocking the bare minerals or just even having a look at the start up costs ect. Just wondered how/ who should I contact. ( can't find a web page) also if anyone has any suggestions for other make up ranges this would be muchly appreciated! Thanks guys x

I started to stock them about ten years ago when they were practically unknown in this country (as part of MD Formulations brand) and I was a premium stockist. I was assured they would never go retail (wish I had that in writing!) When they started their first retail counter I was assured that it was only the "one" (London) west end store that they would use. Yeah, right! A few years later, you can buy it anywhere! QVC for me was not the problem, because it got the name out and clients would come to me to colour match, get a personal service and then buy without the postage - Now it is a general retail product, sat in the shelves of Boots etc ............ Massive kick in teeth to original stockists that invested time, money and expense to get their brand known!

Have checked their site tonight, and there is not even a link anymore about becoming a salon stockist wtf!

It's still a fab product though and I still use it even though I have to grit my teeth every time I have to pay retail prices for it lol


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How about looking at Jane iredale, it's only in salons and has a great range of products.


I stock Jane Iredale and have had a lot of clients who know the mineral range from Bare minerals, and I ask if their make up bag is in a state (as BM only do a loose base - don't know if that is still the case) and they always said yes, so I would show them the Jane Iredale pure pressed base, and I would have a new customer, and they'd have a clean make up bag! The range is fab and is only available in salons. Hope that helpsx


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Thanks! Do you no what the start up cost for Jane irdale is? X


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Hi, sorry I can't help but will be stalking this thread for the same info ;)

When I trained with JI there was a minimum £500.00 order, the range is amazing :)

IIAA are the UK distributors

iiaa Ltd

Michelle x
Hi All,

I've come across this post, and thought I'd leave a comment to let you know about my new natural mineral make-up brand.
Honeypie Minerals offer great wholesale opportunities on top of their already affordable prices.

As a tip for those looking into using minerals on clients or stocking them for customers, always check the ingredients as some products out there contain skin irritants like Bismuth which can cause allergic reactions.
I did a blog post about mineral ingredients here which might be of post

Do let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to help or offer advice.

Love Claudia
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