How to buy CND as a non-pro?


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I don't want to be a professional nail tech. I just want to be able to do CND Shellac on myself at home after watching my nail tech do it for years. I know you need a certification to buy genuine products from Ellisons or Sweet Squared. What's the best way to get the required training/certification on a budget? After all, nail techs make their money back; I won't. I'm based in London.


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CND course?


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The Sweet Squared CND classes (which are the only UK-based CND classes linked on CND's website) cost £522 (including VAT), take two days, and are designed for pros. Is there anything more affordable or less time consuming for non-pros? I can't justify taking time off work, since I'm not training to be a nail tech.


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The minimum requirement required by Sweet Squared or Ellisons to purchase CND products (but not for enhancements) is an accredited manicure certificate issued by a bona fides trainer/educator, so you will have to make at least that commitment if you serious, otherwise you won’t be able to purchase anything from them at all.