How to do lashes mobile?


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Jun 1, 2015
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Hoping someone can shed some light for me :)

I am currently a mobile nail technician, and I also have a small set up at home. I am hoping to books lash course very soon but am a bit unsure as to HOW you carry out the lash extension treatment?! Does the client lay down or sit?! If so do you have to carry a gold out bed or are there other ways of getting round it when working mobile?! Want to be sure I can manage it before I book a course :)

Thanks in advance for any advice xx
It's totally do-able! Of course there are a few things to carry though....I have a portable bed in a carry case, a small fold up table to put all bits on, a height adjustable stool, and a large beauty box for all my lashes/glue/magnifying glasses. I do also bring a fluffy blanket!!! It sounds a lot but I have tried with time I forgot my stool so used a clients chair...absolutely fine but I had got used to being able to adjust the height and also to be able to wheel from side to side to get a nice angle for applying lashes. I'm sure some techs don't bother with a table either and just have their stuff next to the clients head. Check on eBay for a portable bed!! That's a must!!! You don't want to break your back leaning over someone who's lying on a sofa! Hope that helps!!!! Xxxxxx
That does help thank you :)

I'm going to need a bigger car I think [emoji23] x

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