How to get Suntana spray tan off?


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Mar 13, 2012
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I love Suntana, as does everyone I tan, but most of the women compain that they can't get it off so it puts them off getting another tan, even though they loved the colour and how long it lasted. Any suggestions for a gradual fade (I had some complaints it went scaly & patchy when coming off) or to completely remove it so they can get another tan done? Sorry if i'm rambling. Thanks x
The only way for a spray tan to come off is for the dead skin cells that contain the pigment (Melanoidin) to be removed. Basically exfoliation. We provide a product called 'Deep Clean Exfoliant' which is specifically designed for sunless tanning. ie. It wont create a barrier for the next tan. Also there is a product that many of our tanning consultants use called TanGo. It is a micro fibre cloth that does seem to be effective. Our consultants use it to remove tan from their hands etc. if they have spilt solution for example. There website is tango cloth| Home |

From your description though it sounds like it may be the guide colour that's hanging around, this would be a different issue and unusual. Check that the product guide colour does not contain Brown HT. This is a coal tar derived dye and can stain the skin.
Suntana is one of the ones that doesn't seem orangey or fade off scaley to me. I have trialled so many. It just gradually gets lighter and lighter like a natural tan. I have heard on here some people say it disappears quickly. I really don't know why it's different for everyone.
I use Suntana and love it and find the fade off to be really good. The only time I had poor fade was when I tried the 14%, lovely colour but too high DHA for my blue white Scottish skin. The fade is good on darker skins. Anyway I find the best way to remove a tan is to have a good long soak in a hot bath with baby oil and use a micofibre cloth or mitts to scrub away the tan. Going for a swim also works really well as the chlorine fades the tan or even better a nice soak in a jacuzzi as the chlorine levels in jacuzzis are kept really high.
Might be worth suggesting to go slightly lighter next tan. If they are finding the fade poor, their skin in probably too pale to handle a high dha xx
I have previously used Suntana and find it really hard to get off and it comes off patchy. I have moved onto Sienna-x and it fades without even noticing and the colours much better, when i had some Suntana left i offered clients that cheaper or Sienna-x at a higher cost and everyone chose to pay more for the Sienna-x!

Thought id use up the last of my suntana on my self now i look like a crocodile :sad:

I heard baby oil gets tan off, cant say i have tried it yet though.
I have used Santana since they started out and I spray professional dancers for shows/competitions and even for the strictly come dancing tour last year...I obviously spray them all very dark and the best way to remove the tan is with a flannel. If you get your skin wet and warm then rub the towel material up your skin,you will see the tan come away... Also if u shower then scrub with the towel. Exfoliator will NOT remove the tan,it simply takes away the top layer of skin,making the tan come back to the surface. (same with exfoliating gloves) :)
A scaly wear off can be the result of DHA overload on the skin. Try using a little less solution and you should find your tans wear more evenly. I've been using Suntana for a long time now and I find you get much better results if your machine is turned right down so only a fine mist is going onto the skin. The skin should never look wet with tan. Yes it does take a bit longer doing it this way as you have to move slower but it's worth it for the results xx
So far the main problem that causes this that I have come across is simply using too high a DHA for the clients skin... As someone said - if you stick 14% on pale blue scottish skin then the contrast can be very high and give a more patchy fade off.
I have found this problem also but I think it's becuase I am rubbish at exfoliating! Im sensitive and hate really rubbing at my skin, Ive seen advice where some ppl say literally scrub and scrub until its gone but for me i dont like to do that to my skin! lol! Also i dont think you should really cause your skin that much stress?...

I currently have my tan, then wait as long as poss until its faded then i have about 2 days where i exfoliate and scrub with gloves but sometimes i dont get quite every bit big problem though is that im addicted to having a tan, i cannot go without it for more than a day-2 tops, i feel so gross without some colour about me. I found the swimming is great but i dont get to go as much these days and i dont have a bath anymore so rely on the gloves and exfoliator and its isnt too great. But reading about the flannel i think i'll try that, i find the rubbing with a towel after my shower works well and is less harsh on my skin so the flanel sounds like the next best trick to try :) good to hear if theres anymore tips???

As for this being the product, i dont think it is, i think its more different skin types and how we choose to remove/look after the tan causes this...I have sprayed my mum and she seems to have a pretty good fade off.

This is what I do scrub with a mit and exfoliater then on wet skin put on baby oil and scrub it in with a towel or flannel :-D

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I get a hot bath with baby oil in, I also rub baby oil on to my skin and use a flannel or a microfibre cloth, to rub the tan. Then I have a quick shower and rub with a towel :) the bath always needs a good clean afterwards ;) xx
Does using baby oil ever make ur akin too oily or give u break outs on your face??

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I don't put it on my face ,skin feels lovely after :-D

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Ah cool, right well im off to boots tom to pick up some baby lotion lol :)

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