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Lower paid psychologist
Nov 8, 2013
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South Wales
Hi all.
Client came in yesterday wanting all over lightest blonde. Her hair was a golden 9/8.3. I bleached all over, mids/ends and roots seperately, toned with 10 1/2 1. She was extremely happy leaving. Condition was excellent as I kept vigil through out every minute of processing.

Text this morning, her family don't like it, and say she looks ill (If I had a £ for every time a client was happy but their family wasn't )

She now wants to root stretch/ombré to break it up a bit. I have attached photos of hair now plus desired result.

I have done this before, usually I would first use 8.3 to avoid green tones then wash off then use 8 + a quarter of 7 to neutralise The tone a bit. But I am wondering if anyone could recommend a different formula I could use to get more of a natural tone like the photo. She wants it done tomorrow (2 days after bleaching!!) but I'm worried it's too soon as I've never done this so soon after such high lift with a Full head bleach!

I can't seem to find any advice I need in the search bar.

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