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Aug 23, 2004
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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and have enjoyed reading many of the threads. It seems pretty friendly and informative here! I am not a professional but am seriously thinking of enrolling in a man/ped course and working toward nvq in that, and then possibly maybe going for qualifications in enhancements, depending on how things go. My long-suffering dh was a bit puzzled as to why I wanted to do the man/ped course, I told him really it was mostly for me, to grow and develop as a person, and it would be something that could help others too and possibly earn us some money. You know, I love having my nails nice and I think it would be really neat to do them perhaps for an older person with shaky hands or whatever who couldn't do them for herself..... Plus I would feel a lot more confident in taking care of my own family's nails/cuticles. My youngest son has had infection of the nail fold twice and it would be nice if I could spot or prevent potential problems before they develop.

Once dh understood me he was fairly supportive but we are still thinking/praying about it. It will cost us money and he will have to take off work to watch the kiddos while I'm gone on the course(s).

I just got my first set of acrylics last Saturday; I wanted to have nice nails and not worry about them splitting on me as a conference/holiday is coming up. I'll have a maintenance before we go. I'm not sure how long I'll keep them on but it's been fun so far. :) I have a couple of questions about the application of them but wonder if someone would be willing to correspond with me privately as I would not want my questions to be considered dissing the salon/tech as it might do if I ask them publicly. Clear as mud? Anyway I'd appreciate hearing from someone if you get time. TIA. Bye y'all!


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Oct 3, 2003
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Hertford and London
Hi Joyfulmom

I didn't get into the nail industry until my youngest started playschool (18 years ago!!!) so I totally understand you choosing the right time.

Please feel free to PM me and I would hope I could answer a question or 2!


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