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Jan 11, 2003
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Haydn and I have been going insane as I am sure everyone else has regarding the ENG v POR match!! Why is it that we are ALWAYS robbed - SOL CAMPBELL scored fair and bloody square and we have lost because it was disallowed!! Penalty shoot out or not, we were robbed once again!! I am SHAKING with adrenalin - I need to go calm myself!!! :rolleyes:

I know i have a house full of dissapointed men!!! That ref was ****e!!
My house is exactly the same. Hubby is sulking and stomping around the house in a bad mood.

World cup in 2yrs time, we'll win that 1
Let's face it the real score should have been 2-1 to us!

Biased ref all the way

I'm sitting on my own my husbands away really disappointed. My mum and dad just rang from Cardiff said everyone in the pub was cheering Port but my family plus me aunty and uncle were cheering Eng bless them. They just rang me to cheer me up.

i know i am soooooooooo very very gutted i can not believe it, i have never been so tense in my life, i dont even watch football but i have to support England whenever they are playin! i am so gutted gutted gutted i was lookin forward to seein them win the final ( well in my dreams anyway ) :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

oh and just to say i have never fancied beckham but after seein that picture in the paper of him in his ehem rather full undies, i have to say i have seen him in a different light, can't think why ???

yes ref was a tosser!!!!!!!
nOW i FEEL EVEN WORSE - here I am harping on about football (and let's face it, when England play that is the only time I watch too) and then the news comes on and worse things still are happening in Iraq - guess perspective is coming in somewhere!! What a bloody world (literally) we live in!! :twisted: :cry:
oh no, i havent even watched the news, i have just put my 7 year old Jake to bed( he was crying poor little thing so upset!) and then come straight onto the computer out of the way of the bloody Tele HAD ENOUGH OF IT FOR ONE NIGHT!
We were robbed of that 2nd goal tonight. My little boy was crying, He plays football in a team and he found the whole thing so unfair.
We can hold our heads high as a nation though.
That ref didn't know his arse from his elbow (sorry it this offends - but I am mad as hell) Like Ian Wright said their were 12 men in the Portuguese side and one of them was Swiss... :twisted:

That goal was legit there was no reason to disallow it :cry: I cried, I looked like Alice Cooper by the end of the night :lol:

....mind you we did play crap but all the same it should have been a victory to England and no need to go penalites...

Never mind...I can give Tim Henman my full support now hes been neglected with the Football :green:
Truly gutted cant believe the ref though my voive is still recovering lol!
gutted i am
my husband couldnt believe the words coming from my mouth i dont usually swear but last night i couldnt stop,
never shuck so much with adrenaline my 3 boys where really upset going to school this morning.
Still can't believe we lost.
Voice still croaky thru too much shouting and too much smoking !!!
And please don't all pick on David..... I still love him to bits, much to my husbands disgust.
Roll on world cup 2006 in Germany and we can go thru it all again...
Sooo disappointing we lost through being cheated...I'm not a big football fan but love to watch england games...but unfortunately I got my doug schoon book through the post yesterday and it was the first chance I had to sit and read it during the football...and have to say mostly doug schoon won ...i pretty much read the book cover to cover listening to the footie but hardly glancing up (nail addict or wot!!!!!!!!!lol)...

yes on a serious note you are right tho mrs geek other terrible things in the world put things into perspective!
p.s i admit tho by the time of the penalties it was defo bye bye doug lol
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