I appeal, does anybody use it?


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Mar 11, 2012
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East Sussex
Hi geeks,
I remember a thread on here a little while ago about bringing back eyelash perming and now the new method of lash lifting (with the new silicon pads) I know lvl have their method but has anyone used I appeal I've looked at it abit and it looks pretty good at a fraction of the price of lvl but would like some feedback really! Please geeks!
Hi I trained in iappeal over a year ago absolutely amazing love it has boosted my business a lot ;) highly recommend it was lovely trainers to and great after care x
Ah thank-u great to get some feedback!xx
No problem I did there cry babyascara too but dont like it a 3 d lashes they were good but iappeal gives such good results and they can use any mascara and cleansers on them and last up to 8 weeks great selling point and return custom too ;) I have done hundreds since I trained ;)
Where was the training? I've done perming yrs ago but don't really do it as a service do you think the training is essential??x
They say If your trained in perms it's ok to do like I was trained in perm I still did the course as felt it would give me a refresh a my perm training was years before and to me a new products needs training to show u the pads ;) I training with abx beauty they came to me in guernsey it's hard for me to get off the island with 2 small ones ;)
They came to you?? That's good was it one to one? Ah thanks for all your help!
They did I paid extra but I have had a few companies come to me you pay a premium but for one on one totally worth it ;)

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