I feel today is my lucky day!


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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Hi everyone........I found out today that I filled the last space on the FDFC with Creative in Birmingham on 7th, 8th, 9th and 23rd October!
woooohhhoooooo! :bouncy:

So glad i got in!

Im excited but also a tad nervous...... Im sure its a normal reaction!

Looking forward to meeting anyone else who is going........ :D
well done and good luck!! :D

Really pleased for you, Sure you will love it.

good luck xx
I know exactly how you feel - I do my creative conversion tomorrow in Plymouth! :D :D

Good luck with your course.
You go girl, go
good luck and enjoy and happy training

love Ruth xxx
Congratulations and good luck.
Thank you all for the well wishes.......and Ella.....Im thinkin about you babe!
Hope your conversion goes well! :salute:

Im sure I will enjoy my training, and in fact Im marking the days off! Its like an Advent calendar really!!!!!!! :D

Having done a VTCT I think I have a good underpinning but there is no doubt about it, I realise now that I havent learned enough. (NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH!) My recent experience at the hands of a MMA salon have made me strive for excellence and to really know what Im doing, and PROPERLY! (im still nursing ovefiled nail plates and they are very very sore! but I want no pity...I should have known better!)
I feel the public have a right to be educated and the only way I can help to that is to re-educate myself! :rolleyes:

Thanks again and its wonderful to know that everyone here is so supportive in ALL areas of this fab community!

Love to you all!!! :sunny:
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